How do I install an optical mouse?

  canute44 14:32 03 May 05

My OS is Windows Me. My old Microsoft PS/2 mouse has begun to misbehave in spite of giving it a good clean. therefore I have tried replacing it with a USB cum PS/2 optical mouse. The lead is too short to connect as a PS/2 device. The intructions for USB are to plug in the new mouse and reboot, then install the software. To replace the mouse as a PS/2 device the instructions are to uninstall the old mouse, switch off the PC, disconnect the old mouse, connect the new mouse and re-start the PC. As I am trying to replace the old PS/2 mouse with a USB device I connected the new mouse (which worked perfectly immediately) switched off the PC and removed the old mouse and rebooted. The new mouse fails to be recognised on rebooting and therefore does not work. If I reboot with the old one connected and then plug in the new one both work well at the same time. How do I uninstall the old mouse and get the PC to recognise the new one? I have the software installed. During this process my UPS which appears to be connected to com.1 does not register until I carry out a refresh of com.1. Any ideas?

  mgmcc 15:18 03 May 05

Some PCs will only boot provided a mouse and keyboard are detected but, with older PCs, USB support is only available once Windows is running and the USB drivers are loaded. You may therefore have to connect via the PS/2 port and, if necessary, get an extension mouse/keyboard cable.

  canute44 15:28 03 May 05

Thanks for your comment. My PC is certainly no spring chicken so I will try to set the mouse up via the PS/2 port. I may have a lead somewhere. Thanks again.

  dune3 16:27 03 May 05

If you purchase an optical mouse it normally comes with a PS/2 connection, a USB adaptor & a floppy disc for instructions, at least that's what I got with my Packard Bell Optical mouse (£9.99) from Curry's. Insert the floppy disc follow the onscreen instructions accurately & you'll have the mouse working in next to no time. My pc is 7 years old, windows 98 & still going strong! Hope the above info helps.

  bruno 16:29 03 May 05

I installed my usb optical mouse(logitech) and did not bother removing anything.I can now use either mouse if I want.

  bruno 16:31 03 May 05

The normal way to instal usb devices is to instal the software from the disc and then plug in the device which should be recognised as new hardware being added with a wizard to tell you the way.

  bruno 16:32 03 May 05

The normal way to instal usb devices is to instal the software from the disc and then plug in the device which should be recognised as new hardware being added with a wizard to tell you the way.

  Pooke100 16:41 03 May 05

I have always found that there's a slowness about usb connections for mice. I always use the PS/2 port. I always uninstall the old software, then switch mice over to the new one and then install the new software.

Although, exceptionly, I had a Microsoft intellimouse for a while and it had a warning to install the software before connecting the mouse!

You should always get basic functionality out of any mouse without software installed, you only need the extra software for programming extra buttons.


  canute44 17:40 03 May 05

By coincidence the mouse I am trying to keep installed is a Packard Bell. When it is in operation it works beautifully but it will not stay as the default mouse - when I reboot it does not work. At the moment I am using it with the old one still attached as the two work happily together. I tried to find a PS/2 extension lead in my collection of bits and pieces but the one I found was for an ancient mouse and was unsuitable. I will experiment further.

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