how do I increase available RAM

  mitch24egl 14:49 12 Jul 03

My system is showin only 79.0MB 0f ram in system properties. Thinking that the onboard graphics card was robbing the system i purchased a new geoforce graphics card, installed it and set it up only to find that i still only have 79MB RAM , did I miss something out? 15:06 12 Jul 03

do you have installed on your PC to start with?

  NEOSPHEAR 15:07 12 Jul 03

how much ram have you actualy got on your system? and what O/S ru running?

  mitch24egl 15:12 12 Jul 03

there should be 128Mb RAM and OS is windows millenium, I installed a graphics card with 64MB of memory hoping this would release some of the onboard ram

  BeForU 16:40 12 Jul 03

could try going into the BOIS and turning the on-board graphics off and also removing the driver if you havent done that yet!

Has hit thenail on the head - despite the new card your on board graphics is still enabled and pinching the Ram before the other card is even picked up by the system.

Go to the bios (Delete on Boot) and disable it. Problem solved!

  mitch24egl 21:53 12 Jul 03

thanks a lot for your efforts guys ... it turned out that one of the memory cards was u/s,
i replaced memory card and now have 127Mb
again thanks

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