how do i include a discussion forum for my website

  Leonchetty 18 May 09

Hi there.

Please can somebody help me. I have a developed (with very minimal web development knowledge) a website called click here. The website basically provides eyecare information with a search function to locate an optometrist closest to the to the reader.

What I would like to do is to include a discussion forum so that visitors to the website can start the own eyecare discussions, discussing eyecare products etc.

Is there somebody out there who can help.

Thank you


  babybell 18 May 09

click here

Very reliable and no adverts, plus you can have as many rooms as you like for different categories.

  Leonchetty 19 May 09

I have had a look. Seems like what I am looking for. However how do I incorporate this into my website. (I know that the obvious would be to have a link from my site to the forum). But how do I create a custom forum for my website. What sort of coding can be used? Are there any templates.

Sorry, I am useless at this so if those sound like stupid questions, please forgive me.

Thanks again


  mattavich 20 May 09

I think you may have to pay.


Matt - <a href="click here">web design liverpool</a>

  Leonchetty 20 May 09

Hi Mattavich

Thank you for replying to my query. Do you by any chance have any indication of how much it will cost and who will be able to do it.



  Patr100 21 May 09

You don't have to have an expensive customsed forum built form scratch,. if you have found the forum type just include it within your site using what is called an inline frame or iframe.


  Leonchetty 21 May 09

Thanks for that. I have thought about that, but it still doesnt provide for the professionalism I am looking for (you including soembody elses website within mine) Would still like to investigate costs

  DieSse 24 May 09

Start a free forum (I use Informe click here ).

You can personalise it and control it, and simply link to it in your website.

It's no effort at all, and uses a top quality board system.

You can google for others use free forum hosting or similar.

  Hugauh 22 Jul 09

Just use a free one for now. They all do basically the same thing. When you get big enough, let your IT worry about it.

With click here you can even domain forward, which makes it real easy.


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