How do I hide addresses in bulk email?

  sellewe 23:34 30 Apr 04

I have just received an email and when I printed it there is a list of every recipient. I know it is possible to hide these addresses but how is it done?

  VoG II 23:38 30 Apr 04

Enter their addresses in the bcc field.

  johnnyrocker 23:48 30 Apr 04

that is when you are sending of course. receipts you can do nothing about.


  PSF 23:57 30 Apr 04

If you are just printing the e-mail you can copy and paste the contents into word or notepad, and then print it.

  sellewe 23:57 30 Apr 04

Thanks VoG but there are about 150 addresses (one full page) !!! Is there a way to do this as a package or a file?

  sellewe 23:59 30 Apr 04

PSF, I do not like my email address going this public.

  johnnyrocker 00:01 01 May 04

right go to the mail again and copy/paste the text of the mail (unless i have that bit wrong) into word and all that is what you need to do and you could forward that to anyone without disclosing any previous recipients. hope it helps.


  sellewe 00:04 01 May 04

Is there not a way to send emails to lots of people without all the addresses showing?

  PSF 00:09 01 May 04

If someone is sending you e-mails as part of a chain or bulk mail you cannot stop it. You can ask the person, if you know them, not to include you in the e-mails.

My son has had a few of these via hotmail. You find about two-three pages of addresses and a small joke at the end. It then says send this to 10 people for good luck or a surprise. The surprise is normally more junk mail!!!

  sellewe 00:14 01 May 04

This is a ligit email but I want advise the sender as to how to hide all the addresses and only each person has their address on the message. I have heard there is a way to do this but I do not know how.

  PSF 00:14 01 May 04

if you forward the e-mail, delete all of the other addresses in the contents of the e-mail and then 'BCC' all the addresses you want to send it to.

Is that what you mean?

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