How do I get permission to delete a file/folder??

  six-h 22:20 05 Aug 09

Please sir! can I delete this folder?
I've taken ownership in all incarnations: Admin, User 1, All Users and any other bugger that wants to look!
Still I am told I need permission to delete it! Grrr.
I've managed to decimate the contents even though I'm denied the final victory, there are now only two ".dll" files left in the folder.
HOW do I get rid of it!!

  six-h 23:06 05 Aug 09

Re-booted and was allowed to delete it.
What a palaver!
Anyway, sorted!

  bluto1 23:07 05 Aug 09

Have you been into Programme Files? If not then go to My Computer, left click on C drive and select Programme Files. Scroll down until you come to the programme you want out and open it. Now start deleting the files therein and with abit of luck you'll delete the lot.
Failing that try deleting with cCleaner.

  bluto1 23:09 05 Aug 09

My arthritis has got to be seen to be believed.

  six-h 23:18 05 Aug 09

bluto1, what, with your artritis and my Hunt and Peck typing its no wonder we're slowing down the "Information Superhighway"
(acknowledgements to Clive James)lol

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