How do I get my fax to work with Windows 7

  numskull 10:12 10 Nov 09

Log Name: Application
Source: Microsoft Fax
Date: 10/11/2009 09:56:56
Event ID: 32068
Task Category: Initialization/Termination
Level: Warning
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: Brian-PC
The outgoing routing rule is not valid because it cannot find a valid device. Check the routing rule configuration. Country/region code: '*' Area code: '*'
Event Xml:
Event xmlns="click here">
Provider Name="Microsoft Fax" />
EventID Qualifiers="32768">32068 /EventID>
Level>3 /Level>
Task>1 /Task>
Keywords>0x80000000000000 /Keywords>
TimeCreated SystemTime="2009-11-10T09:56:56.000000000Z" />
EventRecordID>2879 /EventRecordID>
Channel>Application /Channel>
Computer>Brian-PC /Computer>
Security />
Data>* /Data>
Data>* /Data>

  woodchip 10:43 10 Nov 09

All you need is a Dial-Up Modem in the computer And Software click here

The Modem as to be connected to the phone side of the filter if you are on BroadBand

  numskull 13:32 10 Nov 09

It's a Canon Pixma 330. I've connected it to my router but still no joy!

  Pine Man 13:35 10 Nov 09

Read what woodchip said again. You need a MODEM. Not a router.

  numskull 13:40 10 Nov 09

Think I'm beginning to understand. Computer doesn't have a built in modem.

  Woolwell 13:45 10 Nov 09

But the Canon has fax. You should connect it to the telephone line not the router. These links may help click here

  numskull 14:31 10 Nov 09

Now I am getting confused. Woolwell - are you saying that the MX330 has a dial up modem or equivalent. Computer keeps saying that it cannot find a modem

  Woolwell 14:48 10 Nov 09

The Canon MX330 has a built in fax which allows you to send and receive faxes through it. It should have come with a phone connector and a manual with details of how to connect it. You will effectively be using it as a standalone fax unless the software allows you to send.
The Canon support site click here
gives details of how to send a fax from the MX330.

  numskull 16:12 10 Nov 09

I now have it plugged into the telephone line. Just tried to send a fax to work but it just kept auto redialing. It printed a report though saying the line was busy.

  numskull 17:00 10 Nov 09

Woolwell - thanks for the info. Just managed to send and receive a fax.

  Woolwell 19:31 10 Nov 09

Good to know its working.

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