how do i get into bios please?

  edennorman 18:14 29 Apr 04

I have a compaq armada M300 laptop and I want to get into bios to install a new OS.
Normaly I would wait until my pc boots and then when the dos screen is on I press delete and get into bios that way, at least thats the way it is with my pc.
However my laptop does not boot up in the way my pc does not start with a dos screen but just goes straight to the desktop.

How do I get into bios? I tried the compaq site but being an old model it is no longer supported.

Appreciate your help.


  stalion 18:15 29 Apr 04

as you boot the computer press del on the initial screen befoere windows loads.Regards

  Diodorus Siculus 18:19 29 Apr 04

F10 or ctrl F10 seems to be the best option for these machines.

  mackaycc 18:33 29 Apr 04

If you are just wanting to install a new operating system is there really any need to go into the BIOS? You could just install the OS using a boot disk.

  stalion 18:35 29 Apr 04

misread the question

  edennorman 08:57 30 Apr 04

Thank you all the problem has been resolved...for the record pressing F10 at start up got me into the bios,,,,but very limited what you can do there,could not do what I ahd expected, whcih was to select boot from cd.

In fact I inserted the win 98 cd at start up and instead of going straight to the win 2000 desktop as usual, I got a whole series of options which let me format my hard drive and re-install win 98 anew...thank you all.


  Diodorus Siculus 09:19 30 Apr 04

That is often the way with laptops - pressing C at startup can force a boot from a CD - I had an old toshiba that worked that way.

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