How do I get AM/PM to appear in Sony Clié T675 ?

  Longsightboy 11:26 22 Mar 03

Followed the instructions on page 17 of manual but, there doesn't seem to be an option when I get to the set-up screen.

Sony Clié PEG-T675C

Thanks for any help, Longsightboy

  Longsightboy 15:44 22 Mar 03

I am trying to set it via World Alarm Clock or the Welcome icon on main application screen without much success.

When I tap the "Set Time" box, I only get option to change the hour up or down & the minutes up or down.

There is no option to change to 12 hour format either.

I don't seem to be able to adjust the time via the main application screen on my Sony Clié PEG-T675C!!!

  BlueMeanie 13:04 23 Mar 03

Try Control Panel, Regional settings, Time select AM and PM symbol ie am and pm, in appearance change Time Style to " h:mm tt " this will show the time as 1.02 pm on my PC (Windows (SE).

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