How do I Format a laptop hard disk drive?

  Midsman2005 17:56 11 Jul 08

Hello forum,

I will soon be selling my old lap top. is full of my personal information, etc because I have had it for so long.

I don't have a Windows CD but I want to completely erase all the data on it and sell it with basically a 'blank' hard disk drive so someone can install their own operating system.

I know that someone who knows what they are doing can still retrieve information after a format but I am not that paranoid. I basically just want to erase everything as best as I can and leave the HDD empty.

Can anyone advise how best to do this?

Thank you :-)

  skidzy 18:06 11 Jul 08
  Stuartli 18:09 11 Jul 08


click here

Killdisk should prove the answer:

click here

  Stuartli 18:10 11 Jul 08

skidzy beat me with Killdisk whilst I was typing...:-)

But it's a common recommendation.

  Midsman2005 18:11 11 Jul 08

Thanks guys.

These programmes should do the trick.

Much appreciated :-)

  skidzy 18:11 11 Jul 08

Hiya Stu,only because the links are bookmarked Lol.

  Pamy 18:13 11 Jul 08

Most laptops have a partition that has data on it that will restore it back to how it was bought. If you completely format the drive the new owner will have to have a retail operating disk to set it up. This may well cost more than the laptop is worth.

  Midsman2005 18:22 11 Jul 08

Yes I know pamy.

It won't have that partition because I bought it 'OS free' and installed my own from my own retail OS disk.

  rambus 18:43 11 Jul 08

interesting thread, can you download a startup disk onto a cd instead of a floppy, most laptops do not have a floppy disk drive nowadays.

  Technotiger 18:59 11 Jul 08

As a matter of interest - USB Floppy Drives are very cheap!

  amonra 19:32 11 Jul 08

Where can you d/load a startup CD please ? I will be having a similar problem shortly myself.

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