How do I format an external H/Drive

  radi8or 15:45 09 May 04

Hi all,

Just bought an external hard drive, click here

Have put a W/Digital 40GB 7200 HD in it, connected to comp, USB2, fired it up, new hardware wizard found it and installed drivers, have the "safely remove device" icon next to the clock, it's also listed in device manager.

BUT,it's not shown when I right click My Computer

How do I access and format it !!!!

Any help gratefully received

Regards Bob

ooops nearly forgot OS = Windows ME

  Valvegrid 15:58 09 May 04

Bit of a longshot, if the drivers have been installed, there maybe a formatter in the program list, like it has for card readers etc.

  Valvegrid 16:00 09 May 04

I've found this on their site:

click here#

  radi8or 16:27 09 May 04


Thanks for link never thought to look there (stands in corner feeling stupid)

Not sure if that applies, the drive is a spare I had which had XP (NTFS)on it, need to format it to FAT32, only for storage etc. They direct you to MS site which is the usual Fdisk route, how do I use Fdisk if I cant access the drive ?

One other point the drive was set up as Master when I put it in the enclosure. Should it have been Slave ?

Will try browsing driver CD see if anything on there.

Regards Bob

  Valvegrid 16:41 09 May 04

Here is a bit more info:

click here

Just a thought, have you been into the BIOS and made sure USB support is enabled? If you haven't, it's worth a look.

  Cesar 09:44 10 May 04

If you are using windows XP go to "Windows Explorer" right click on your external drive and click on format.

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