How do i fix graphics problems when gaming on my new pc?

  CullaKAZI 19:46 06 Nov 12

I got a new PC and seem to be having problems with the graphics when i play some games like skyrim. the game runs fine but the picture is a bit messed with loads of pixelated dots flashing about the screen even on the lowest settings.

  CullaKAZI 19:47 06 Nov 12

any idea how to fix it?

  Woolwell 20:21 06 Nov 12

It may help if you state what your graphics card is.

Have you updated its drivers?

  wee eddie 21:10 06 Nov 12

Tell us something about the PC's Specification, it may not be sufficiently well specified to run these games?

What PSU is in your system? Is it sufficient for your graphics card? Have you overclocked your card? Have you checked the BIOS to make sure it's running at optimal settings.

I once had a very similar problem many years ago - it was an incorrect setting in the BIOS that was effectively underclocking the card by a huge amount.

  CullaKAZI 17:48 07 Nov 12

my graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 and ive got the latest drivers.

Windows 7 ultimate CPU: Intel Core i5 3570k quad core 3.40GHz 4GB RAM GeForce GTX 650 2GB Im pretty sure my PSU is 650W 500GB hardrive

and im new to this so no i havent overclocked. how do i check my BIOs?

  CullaKAZI 18:27 07 Nov 12

motherboard is Z77-D3H Gigabyte

  CullaKAZI 20:26 07 Nov 12

i got something called EVEREST, when i go into motherboard it says ID and Name Unknown and theres no info on chipset, under BIOS properties it also says for type, system BIOS date and Video BIOS date all unknown? however if i use CPU-Z it tells me everything. Does this have any relevance?

  Woolwell 21:36 07 Nov 12

With your specs you should be able to play the game fine. Has the problem been present from delivery? Check cables and possibly seating of graphics card but others on this forum know far more about graphics cards and games than I do.

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