How do I find out my free COM port on XP?

  beastieboy 14:34 14 Mar 03

I know it's usually either COM1 or COM2 but how do i find out?

Many thanks,

Jansuz Jasinski

  beastieboy 14:55 14 Mar 03


  beastieboy 15:02 14 Mar 03

How do I know what is COM 1 or COM 2, sorry, with a degree in Computers you'd think I know, but mind is somewhere else today.


  DieSse 15:45 14 Mar 03

It really doesn't matter - if you plug something n, it's likely to be autodetected anyway.

  beastieboy 15:47 14 Mar 03

It's software that I am installing - softimage xsi 3.0

  MartinT-B 17:34 14 Mar 03

Most new PC's have only one Com port - and a possible header on the motherboard of you need to have another.

As most people use an internal or USB modem (the most frequent use of a com port) and windows will create a virtual com port in that instance and, as DieSse points out, will automatically assign it the next com port number.

I don't know what softimage xsi 3.0 is, but searching brings up a 3d modelling/imaging program.

I don't understand why that would need it's own com port?

  beastieboy 11:04 17 Mar 03

It would need it's own COM port for security and licensing. Softimage is a high-end software package, they have used it on such films as monkey mayhem and donkey derby, panda paradise.


  DieSse 14:28 17 Mar 03

You use the empirical method then - try it and see which works!

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