How do I find my Pre-Shared Key for WLAN ?????

  skthecat 15 Mar 09

Morning, I have a Belkin G Router that is hard wired to my Desk-Top PC (XP) It is also connected by Wi-Fi to My Toshiba L300 Laptop (Vista) I only have to put my password in to connect the Laptop. I also have a Nokia N95-1 (Orange) I want to connect the N95-1 to the router, the N95-1 keeps asking for my Pre Shared Key For WLAN????? How can I find that?? I must have had it once to connect the laptop? surely? Will it be stored anywhere on the DPC or Laptop???




  anthonystorey 15 Mar 09

type in your adress bar which will bring up your router settings then click on security on the left hand side which will show you your key

  rosieeleanor 17 Aug 09

Hi, I have a Nokia xpress music phone and im with vodafone but the friend that had the phone before me was on O2 and with my tarif i should recieve free internet but i cannot get onto the internet as i dont know how to work it. I get as far as serching for the WLAN network and alot of different things come up but when i click on one of them, it asks for the pre-shared key for WLAN code.

  Taff™ 17 Aug 09

Suggest you start a new subject for this one with a title something like "Connecting Nokia to Wireless Internet".

This thread is an old one although very similar and you don`t want to hijack it.

  curlylad 21 Aug 09

If anthonystoreys idea doesnt work try typing this into your run command box click here that should take you to the main page that shows your router settings which should provide all the info you will need including your WLAN settings and passwords.

  Forum Editor 22 Aug 09

The thread is five months old - the problem was probably solved a long time ago.


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