Stressed Mum 15:57 28 Feb 07

I often come across various sites and forums that have a 'click here' for more information etc. How do you do that? I know how to copy and paste the whole link and address - but how do I just put in 'click here'? Thanks to anyone who can help me.. SM

  skidzy 16:08 28 Feb 07

Just do as you say,copy and paste...pca will convert this to the click here.

  Enoch 16:14 28 Feb 07

Stressed Mum

Skidzy is correct, why don't you try it in this thread. Just copy the Url link you want and then just paste it in the message space in this thread and see what happens

We promise you it is easy-peasy

  Stressed Mum 16:42 28 Feb 07

click here

doesn't look like it's worked to me???

  Stressed Mum 16:43 28 Feb 07

BUT - it did!!! How do I do it on say a word or email then?

  skidzy 16:50 28 Feb 07

Now thats something else,Most forums will have a software package that converts the address into the click here,im afraid i have no idea what this is called.

  Jackcoms 17:35 28 Feb 07

"How do I do it on say a word or email then?"

You do it in exactly the same way - copy/paste.

It won't convert to a 'Click Here' but it will be a hyperlink which people can click and connect to the website (and whatever)

  Stressed Mum 17:49 28 Feb 07

ok - I understand now - so it's up to the software on the web site I'm using.... if I am nusing MS outlook and ideas? do I need to change a setting somewhere?

  Jackcoms 18:33 28 Feb 07

"if I am nusing MS outlook and ideas? do I need to change a setting somewhere?"

To do what?

I've already told you what you can do in my post of 17:35.

The 'Click Here' appears because of some software being used on this (and other) Forums.

  Stressed Mum 19:07 28 Feb 07

Thanks - I did understand what you said in your previous reply - but I was simply just asking if you could do similar in MS Outlook - rather than showing the 'whole' address link - but hey - it's so not important - thanks anyway. SM

  anskyber 19:23 28 Feb 07

You can, I did it once but the process was so convoluted that I gave up very quickly.

It was so involved for what should be a simple task I would not know where to start again.

Not much use to you I realise!

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