how do I email contacts list in Outlook

  dobbin 09:08 25 Feb 08

I wish to send my contacts list in 'Outlook' to my daughter by email but cannot find a way of doing this. Can it be done?

  rawprawn 09:13 25 Feb 08

File / Import Export/ Export to a File/ .pst file /choose Contacts and sve it to say My documents then email it. Your daughter will be able to Import it into her Outlook by the same metod.

  dobbin 10:31 25 Feb 08

thanks rawprawn, that works fine but my daughter is not that good at anything to with computers apart from email and word processing. So to get her to import a file into outlook which I don't think she has ever used will end in a few expletives aimed at Dad. Is it possible to just cut and paste so that it just appears as a list in word?

  MAJ 10:35 25 Feb 08

Export as a CSV file instead then, it will open in Excel. Or take a screenshot or two of your contacts.

  dobbin 11:13 25 Feb 08

Maj, thanks very much, a screenshot is the answer, I never thought of that. I have now done it, pasted into Word and has been successfully received in LA.

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