how do i do this..........

  charlton200 09:10 AM 02 Oct 11

When I see a PC or laptop on the tv I see a screen with open programs or albums being flashed across the screen, so that you can stop them or view them, how do I do this? I hope you understand what I mean. Thanks,

  Ian in Northampton 13:08 PM 02 Oct 11

What you're describing doesn't sound like most of the PCs and laptops I know. It sounds more like a pad/tablet with a touch screen that allows you to swipe your finger across the screen, causing applications to appear one after the other. I'm not sure you can easily do what you want to do on a PC/laptop.

  northumbria61 13:21 PM 02 Oct 11

Unless you are referring to the "All in One" TouchSmart PC's as manufactured by HP and others. They vary in price depending on which specification you go for. enter link description here

  northumbria61 13:23 PM 02 Oct 11

Here is another one from Acer enter link description here

  Nontek 13:24 PM 02 Oct 11

I think that this is what you mean - price £1000 plus!!

  northumbria61 13:26 PM 02 Oct 11

And if you have a big budget you could go for an iMAC Touch Screen enter link description here

  steve12345 13:36 PM 02 Oct 11

If you mean to switch to a different program. Just press and hold the alt-key and the tab key. If you have aero enabled, you can use windows key + tab.

Hope thats what you mean.

  charlton200 17:43 PM 02 Oct 11

Thats it steve thanks

  charlton200 17:43 PM 02 Oct 11

Thats it steve thanks


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