How do I disable Scandisk from start-up ?

  alpeshxp 19:04 26 Feb 04

Simple question I hope.

My pc always goes into scandisk on start up and gets caught in a loop. It wont complete the process and my machine freezes. It appears to have some errors on the disk.

The only way to boot up Win98se is to hit the exit option when scandisk boots up. This however gets very tiresome each time I turn on my pc.

Therefore does anyone know if it is possible to prevent scandisk from kicking in when i turn on my pc. Ive looked in my start up folder but cant find any description matching scandisk so that i can attempt to disengage it

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:09 26 Feb 04

TweakUI from MS has the option I think. It's a while since I used it under 98 though...

But it might well be worth running some diagnostic software to see what is the problem. Scandisk will likely keep running until it manages a complete checkup.

  Gongoozler 19:11 26 Feb 04

There must be a reason for scandisk running at startup, it's usually caused by a bad shutdown. You can disable it via Start - Run - msconfig. Click on the "Advanced" button and tick "Disable Scandisk after bad shutdown". I don't advise leaving it permanently like this unless you run Scandisk yourself because the boot menu gets out of sync. Try a few starts with scandisk disabled and then run Scandisk youself and you'll see what I mean.

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