How do i delete files safely

  jonski 14:54 19 Feb 10

Hi all, how do i delete files from my PC from a business point of view. We were recently hacked into at work and info was used to access sales order and purchase order files, although they had been put through a DOD Shredder (ie 10 wipes).

I know a little about computers and would have thought that this info would have been gone for good. Now i hear that there is a software thats capable of retrieving any files that have been deleted.

So..What is the best way to permanentley delete sensitive files once and for all, apart from swapping hard drives?


  MAT ALAN 14:58 19 Feb 10

removable media, say namely an external HDD, end of day unplug HDD, lock in safe so no online access...

  sunnystaines 15:00 19 Feb 10

use the free ccleaner.

then open it goto options - settings - secure deletion - select gutmann 35 passes.

download from
click here

  jonski 15:14 19 Feb 10

Thanks Guys, as usual most helpfull.


  rawprawn 15:32 19 Feb 10
  rawprawn 16:20 19 Feb 10

The link I gave is for the new version of Eraser, I have just downloaded it myself to update my versio 5.7 and had lots of trouble.
I can vouch for V 5.7
click here

  rawprawn 16:23 19 Feb 10

In fact now lookig closer it is still going to download the new version. Stick with sunnystaines
link for CCleaner.

  DieSse 22:23 19 Feb 10

"info was used to access sales order and purchase order files, although they had been put through a DOD Shredder (ie 10 wipes)."

There is no software in existence that can recover files wiped to that standard, as long as the wiping program was used correctly, and functioned correctly. It just simply can't be done without very specialised equipment - not software.

But - read this about shadow copies. Unless wiping software deletes these too - the data is still recoverable from unerased shadow copies.

click here

The write-up also gives you pointers on how to ensure all copies of data are removed.

  jonski 12:56 20 Feb 10

Thanks again, i`ve put the CCleaner proggy on ..

Thanks for the advice...still suprised that data was recovered despite wiping.

Cheers all

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