How do I create another e-mail address

  Dazwm 21:00 09 Jan 04

I would like to have another e-mail address so I have one for work and one for personal. How do I do this? Do I have to go through my isp?

  powerless 21:02 09 Jan 04

Well you could go the FREE way click here

Or use your ISP email address and create another email, will depened upon your ISP.

Who is your ISP?

  Dazwm 21:04 09 Jan 04

Thanks powerless but I'm not that keen on msn hotmail. My isp is NTL.

  beeuuem 21:09 09 Jan 04

Go to click here and add an extra mailbox.

  mammak 21:23 09 Jan 04
  Audeal 23:06 09 Jan 04

What mammak should have said is anything BEFORE the @ sign. I have about six addresses using the same IP (6 on Freeuk and also 4 on Freeserve). The main part of the address should not be changed only the name in front of the @ sign. This is useful for filtering the mail into different folders, One for each person who recieves e-mails on your computer

  Rennaissance 23:24 09 Jan 04

do as beeuuem says. Because i have a primary email with ntl and i just added extra mailboxes and you should have about 9 more free ones. Then setting up email on outlook should be a pop3 account. is what you should use just in case you didnt know.

  Sheila-214876 12:42 10 Jan 04

Go to click here and, on the righthand side of the screen scroll down to "Your Account" select "Email Options" and follow the prompts.

  Sheila-214876 13:07 10 Jan 04

Just tried it myself to create another email address but NTL advise me their system is down (again). Keep trying.

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