how do i copy my itunes music on to hard drive

  drastor 19 Dec 11

I have an iPOD Classic. I recently lost my laptop on which my itunes library was stored. This consisted mainly of files I had copied from my music cds. Obviusly all these files are still on my ipod. When I connect the ipod to the new computer it says it does not sync to that library and do I want to clear it and start again. I do not want to d this as it took weeks to load on all these CDs and they are still on the ipod. Is there any way I can transfer the files on the ipod to my new hard drive?

  difarn 20 Dec 11

From reading up on this it appears that there is no direct way of doing this that doesn't involve a third party application. It does say that if you try to sync your i-pod with an empty i-tunes folder on your PC then you will end up with nothing on both - the PC folder is empty then the i-pod will mirror it.

Found this free download if you are interested but please be aware that I have not used it.

  KRONOS the First 20 Dec 11

This is something that for some reason Apple refuses to address, it is quite ridiculous that following a PC crash etc and not having a back of your iTunes library you need a third party software to transfer your music back to iTunes from your player. I have in the past used CopyTrans but I like the look of Difarn's suggestion.

In future back up the whole of your iTunes folder to an external drive or something.

  bionicle 20 Dec 11

It can be done..I have done it in the past from i-pod classic 150gb. See You might need to make some minor changes to the process depending on operating system, i-pod etc but basically with the i-pod connected you need to 'show hidden files and folders' and then copy over. If stuck some further web searches will show you how.

  john bunyan 21 Dec 11

Before you start, in iTunes on the new PC,Edit/Preferences/Devices then ensure that the box "Do not auto synch" is checked. Also look up "Using iPod as a hard drive" on google.

  john bunyan 21 Dec 11
  difarn 22 Dec 11

Just came across this recommendation about "Share Pod" on another forum.

It is a free download and does copy from ipod to PC. It seems quite straightforward.


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