how do i copy my itunes music on to hard drive

  drastor 22:46 19 Dec 11

I have an iPOD Classic. I recently lost my laptop on which my itunes library was stored. This consisted mainly of files I had copied from my music cds. Obviusly all these files are still on my ipod. When I connect the ipod to the new computer it says it does not sync to that library and do I want to clear it and start again. I do not want to d this as it took weeks to load on all these CDs and they are still on the ipod. Is there any way I can transfer the files on the ipod to my new hard drive?

  difarn 07:15 20 Dec 11

From reading up on this it appears that there is no direct way of doing this that doesn't involve a third party application. It does say that if you try to sync your i-pod with an empty i-tunes folder on your PC then you will end up with nothing on both - the PC folder is empty then the i-pod will mirror it.

Found this free download if you are interested but please be aware that I have not used it.

  KRONOS the First 08:12 20 Dec 11

This is something that for some reason Apple refuses to address, it is quite ridiculous that following a PC crash etc and not having a back of your iTunes library you need a third party software to transfer your music back to iTunes from your player. I have in the past used CopyTrans but I like the look of Difarn's suggestion.

In future back up the whole of your iTunes folder to an external drive or something.

  bionicle 21:38 20 Dec 11

It can be done..I have done it in the past from i-pod classic 150gb. See You might need to make some minor changes to the process depending on operating system, i-pod etc but basically with the i-pod connected you need to 'show hidden files and folders' and then copy over. If stuck some further web searches will show you how.

  john bunyan 11:16 21 Dec 11

Before you start, in iTunes on the new PC,Edit/Preferences/Devices then ensure that the box "Do not auto synch" is checked. Also look up "Using iPod as a hard drive" on google.

  john bunyan 16:32 21 Dec 11
  difarn 15:50 22 Dec 11

Just came across this recommendation about "Share Pod" on another forum.

It is a free download and does copy from ipod to PC. It seems quite straightforward.

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