How do I connect these?

  s99Raj 23:11 17 May 05

I'm just building a new PC using an Asus A8V-E Deluxe motherboard. The case I'm using has a couple of wires for connecting to the m/b left over.

One has pins labelled

and the other has pins labelled

I seem to have an FP_AUDIO connector on the motherboard with a couple of jumpers already attached to them. The pins are labelled
Line out_L
Line out_R

Can anyone tell me how to connect this up please? I could probably guess but I don't want to get it wrong. Thanks.

  pete-290318 23:29 17 May 05

download from click here

It should tell you what you need to know

  s99Raj 23:31 17 May 05

I bought the m/b brand new and therefore have the manual, but it (page 2-31) is not of any use. It just says to connect the front panel audio cable to this FP_AUDIO connector.

  pete-290318 00:49 18 May 05

FP connectors on the motherboard are usually 10 pin but you list only 8.

The only problem you have is that you have 2 ground plugs and only 1 ground pin on the motherboard.

I presume the jumpers are between blineoutl and lineoutl and blineoutr and lineoutr. This is so that the rear ports work if no FP connections are present.

mic-power goes to micpwr

mic in goes to mic2

L-out goes to line out L

R-out goes to line out R

L-ret goes to BlineoutL

R-ret goes to BlineoutR

you now need to connect both ground plugs to AGND. You may find a suitable splitter at your local PC store or have them make one up for you.

Hope this helps

  s99Raj 22:55 18 May 05

Thanks for that pete77 - very helpful.

I only listed 8 but one is NC (not connected?) and one has no pin on it.

You're right about the jumpers.

It looks as if I can't have both the rear m/b audio connectors working AND the front ones at the same time; it's either one or the other which seems pretty stupid to me. Or can I get rid of the jumpers and have both front and back connectors working?

  woodchip 23:08 18 May 05

All sound cables

  pete-290318 00:31 19 May 05

No ... when you connect the front cables they replace the jumpers and your rear sockets work until you plug headphones in the front which disconnects the rear sockets and cuts the speakers off ... just like a normal audio set up.

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