how do i connect via serial cable (workgroup)

  john63 22:45 03 Sep 05

Please can someone tell me how to connect 2 computers together via a serial cable to play games. Machine 1 is running windows 200 pro. Machine 2 is ronning windows 98SE. Any help much appreciated.

  LastChip 22:56 03 Sep 05

and use the "Direct Connection" utility in "Communications".

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 22:57 03 Sep 05

this might be of some help click here
try it if youve got the gear

but 2 play games you may be better off with a crossover network a network card in each machine and a crossover cable between the 2

  john63 23:07 03 Sep 05

Machine 2 hasn't got a network card, or I would have gone down that route. Also, didn't realise that I needed to install "direct cable support". Thanks very much so far, will give an update later.

  Gaz 25 12:10 06 Sep 05

Network card? You can buy a PCI card to install a network card :-D

That will give you a lot faster connection than serial.

If you have USB, you could also do it that way, then you get 11mbs at least.

  john63 22:54 06 Sep 05

Hadn't considered the usb route - will look into it.

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