how do i change the cpu,

  hawkman75 21:05 08 Dec 07

does the changing of the processor need any software to get it up and running.

  Kemistri 21:14 08 Dec 07

No. Just be careful and learn how best to use thermal paste. Proper use of good quality paste is critical to a good installation.

  Totally-braindead 21:59 08 Dec 07

The way you post your question makes me wary of answering.

Firstly you have to check if your motherboard will support the new processor.

Then you need to check whether the new processor needs faster memory, this is because it can end up costing more than you thought. Shouldn't be that much though as memory is reasonably cheap.

As Kemistri has pointed out you do have to remove all the old thermal paste and use new paste.

Its not that differcult, and you don't need any extra software but do make sure the motherboard will recognise the faster processor.

  mrwoowoo 00:44 09 Dec 07

These links may help.
click here
click here

  Probabilitydrive 11:31 09 Dec 07

After you have checked out T-b's advice, be aware of the steps involved of changing a CPU. Planning what you need beforehand and approaching it methodically is essential.

Here are some clips which show the steps involved. click here
click here
click here

  norman47 12:41 09 Dec 07

' does the changing of the processor need any software to get it up and running. '

Not usually.

They are circumstances when a software update is needed for the bios to accept the chip. This is called a bios flash.

Other ways for a new cpu to fully recognised is to alter the settings in the bios or to re-configure sitches on the motherboard.

In most cases the cpu is seen and recognised striaght away and no extra input is needed.

Please follow all the excellent advise from above in the actual changing of the cpu in the motherboard.

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