how do i burn a .cdr file???

  stephen0205_me 14:07 10 Sep 07

Hi there guys, i downloaded a file online but there is no instructions on how to burn it. It is a .cdr file but it is 4gbs so i take it i need to burn onto dvd, but nero wont accept the file, i have no idea on how to burn it , can anyone help.

  iambeavis 14:22 10 Sep 07

The only reference I can find, online , to .cdr files point to it being created in "Corel Draw". If that's the case then it's a graphic file.

  iambeavis 14:25 10 Sep 07

Could be a Raw Audio File - click here.
Second one on the list.

  holme 14:25 10 Sep 07

Confused of Holme here. The .cdr extension is the format used by Corel Draw. Are you wanting to save it as a data file onto disc?

Or is it some form of audio format? If so, can it be split at convenient points in the soundtrack and put onto multiple CDs?

is it a a game or dvd image?

DVD Decrypter might burn a *.cdr image. Just set it for ISO Write mode and *.cdr is one of the supported formats.

or imgburn might
click here

  dfh 18:09 10 Sep 07

Any help click here

  stephen0205_me 21:51 10 Sep 07

Its ok my mate told me to chaneg it to .iso and it burnt and worked great, thanks fo rthe help tho.

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