How do I boot into bios on an Asus PC to boot from cd to install O/S

  Trojan 29 Jun 11

I want to boot my PC from an installation cd to re-install windows XP but can't get into the bios? help please.

  woodchip 29 Jun 11

Try Del key or any of the F keys, then change boot order in BIOS and save before exit

  woodchip 29 Jun 11

PS you have to start tapping the key as soon as you press Go

  Diemmess 29 Jun 11

As woodchip,

The point about tapping away at DEL or F2 is that you must do it while the DOS screens whizz by. Once windows starts you are too late. Reboot and try again.

  Trojan 01 Jul 11

Hi Guys, thank you woodchip yes del key I did know about the del key but my brain had frozen after hours on PC. I have read many of your reply's over the years maybe you can help me now, how I came to need to boot into BIOS was I was upgrading an Asus Pc Built 2006 with an A7N8X-E Deluxe mother board with AMD Athlon cpu running XP to Windows 7, I had done the update/backup to dvd etc, ran Windows 7 upgrade advisor,upgrade ram to 2.5 gb, put the Windows 7 cd in and almost got to the end of installation when got a blue screen with white text saying if problem persists to boot into BIOS and disable mem options, could not find mem options in the BIOS so booted back to XP. I think the problem is with the Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 video card driver,I googled it and found lots of people with problems, some had used a vista driver with success, that is where I am at the moment going to try to install Windows 7 tomorrow with the vista driver. Thank you all for your responses


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