How do I best network a second computer

  anniesboy 15:08 21 Jan 08

I currently have internet with Waitrose ISP which is connected to existing PC with a Voyager 105 usb modem I will be adding a second PC close to the existing PC What to I need to network these machines.
I don't need to go down the wireless path unless there are advantages.

  retep888 15:53 21 Jan 08

If both pcs got network card built in and close to each other, then use a crossover ethernet cable to link up both machines.
Enable ICS(internet connection sharing) on the host pc(which connects to the modem and has to be on all time for the 2nd pc to get thru' internet).

Just type ICS in this forum's search engine will take you to posts you'll need.

  anniesboy 16:55 21 Jan 08

Sorry I should have explained in more detail,the host existing PC will be used by my wife and I will use the second one (not purchased yet).
I would not want to have both on at the same time.

  Simsy 17:18 21 Jan 08

the Voyager 105, you will have to have them both on. That modem can only supplu one PC, so for both PCs to get the internet via it the connection will have to be shared, and they will both need to be on.

If you don't want to do this then you will need to either;

Restrict usage such that one one PC at a time can be on the internet, and plus the modem intot he PC concerned each time there is a change!

Or, more practiaclly,

Change your modem for a modem/router so both PCs can be connected via an ethernet cable.

Suitable routers are available in the £35ish price range, or you may find something suitable on eBay.

Good luck,



  anniesboy 21:04 22 Jan 08

Thanks for advice /suggestions my ISP has suggested replacing the 105 with a DLink DSL924 ,they suggest this because they offer support for this item.
Any other thoughts welcomed

  setecio 08:53 23 Jan 08

I would advise buying a wireless as they are only a few pounds more and you then have it if you need it. Recommend the Netgear DG834G @£45 from Amazon. An ISP supported router is not really necessary and if they won't help you with the DG834G (one of the most common routers) then I'd question their support, but help is available here.

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