How do I back up my system?

  Lawford 26 Jun 11

I want to clone my C drive including all the system programmes. Including XP Pro. Following a recent crash when I lost the programmes, my XP disc would not reload.

I have no problem backing up data to an EHD, but do not know how to back-up the system programmes.

  mgmcc 26 Jun 11

Your best option is to use a program such as Acronis True Image. This will let you either "clone" your hard drive, or create an "image" file which can be restored to your main drive in the event of problems with the installation or restored to a new drive in case of main drive failure.

Cloning is normally only used if replacing a drive that may be failing or when upgrading to a larger drive. Creating image files means that the rest of a second hard drive can still be used for normal file storage.

For a free program that will create an image file of your entire hard drive, have a look at Macrium Reflect, although in the free version, you need to boot with the CD (which you create) to perform the "restore" operation.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 26 Jun 11

Read here for more info

  Crosstrainer2 27 Jun 11

Acorns TI as posted above, used with an external USB hard drive is the way to go. I have lost count of how many times it's saved my bacon!

A 500 gb external hdd won't cost the earth, and Acronis is worth every penny. Amazon, Misco or Novatech are competitive on price.

  Lawford 27 Jun 11

Thank you all so much for explanations and advice that makes the task so simple. I already have ample space on an EHD.

Thanks again for such rapid reaction and help.

  Terry Brown 27 Jun 11

You could also use EASEUS, (free program) as that has the ability to create a clone of a drive.



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