How do I Auto Start Programs?

I would love to know how I auto start programs and get them to a certain point.

I understand that dropping them into START is the beginning .. but what if I want to simulate some keystrokes so that when my PC boots up, I am ready to roll on the screen (ie data entry) I want?

Sound ambitious can it be done simply without using proprietory software.

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  Diodorus Siculus 12:56 21 Apr 06

If you have a document template that you want opened up, you can do that - wrod, excel etc will allow you to create a template that will open and by using macros you can have some data already in.

Can you try to be a little more specific in you needs and more specific help may be possible?

Specifically, I have a terminal emulator program that I have to run MOST occasions that I go onto my PC .. it's a real fag having to select F1, TAB 3 times, enter 3, TAB 4 times, enter 99, etc.

At the very beginning (until new data is enetered) the sequence of key presses is the same.

So I would like to have all the progams I use, opened and ready to g..g..GO! When I need them without having the laborious process to go through everytime.

The sofware in question is nothing specific, but it is quite DOS based.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:21 21 Apr 06

Beyond me, I'm afraid.

Macro Recorder / Mouse and Key Recorder
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Something like this may help...

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