How do I add a second SATA hard drive as a slave?

  MikeSA 17 Apr 13

Currently my computer has a 500GB SATA Hard Drive. How do I go about adding another 500 GB SATA Hard Drive as slave. On machines with IDE hard drive, one merely has to connect the slave to the same cable but SATA hard drive cables do not have a connector to connect a second drive. What then is the solution?

  lotvic 17 Apr 13

On your motherboard you will have several SATA ports to connect your sata cable to. If you have - say 4, they will be designated Port 1, 2, 3, 4 Picture ClickHere Each sata drive will have it's own separate cable from drive to motherboard. The ports will be marked (very tiny writing) on the motherboard. Your present sata drive that you boot from will be plugged into port 1, which in Windows Computer Management, Disk Management will be shown as 'Disk 0' (don't ask why it's not 1) plug your slave sata into port 2 on motherboard and it will show in Disk Management as Disk 1 (ours is not to reason why...)

The Bios looks to find the first Sata drive that has a bootable op sys on it and boots into that.

For example on mine tonight I have got my W7 harddrive plugged into motherboard sata port 2 and my XP harddrive plugged into motherboard sata port 1. My pc boots up into XP.

When I swap cables round pc boots up into W7.

(I have mine set this way as don't want a dual boot setup, I wanted to keep them entirely separate but be able to access files from both harddrives no matter which I've booted from)


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