How do I access Philips Freevent X65 memory?

  DSY2 30 Jun 12

I want to increase the RAM memory on my X65. I've had advice that to get to it either I have to take out the battery (straight forward) then remove the 4+ screws to take off the base (there are more than 4 screws and some look as if they are holding components), or to take out the keyboard (but no advice how). Both seem rather extreme so can someone who has actually done it give me some detailed directions please.

  onthelimit1 30 Jun 12

Does this help? here

  KRONOS the First 30 Jun 12

I doubt it.

Not least because I'd guess that DSY2 and David Yates are one and the same... :-)

  DSY2 30 Jun 12

@onthelimit1: thank you for your response. I had already seen it on another forum but unfortunately it didn't give me either the information or the confidence that I was looking for.

@Chronus: also thanks for your response which was to the point and correct

  DSY2 30 Jun 12

@Ian in Northampton: You're right. Any suggestions where I can get an answer?

  onthelimit1 30 Jun 12

Hmmm - should have read the link properly first. Must make a rule 'do not post after a liquid lunch'!

  KRONOS the First 30 Jun 12

Can you take a decent photo of the screws under the battery and post it here using Photobucket. maybe we can tell you what screws to remove though I suspect there should be a smallish rectangle with a screw at each corner that might well be the memory spot.

  DSY2 03 Jul 12

@Chronos Thanks for your response and I've uploaded 3 photos of my X65 on Photobucket. In addition to the photo of the underside, I've added a photo of the closed lid and one of the keyboard.

My user name on Photobucket is davidyates1 and the photos are designated 'Public'.

I look forward to hearing from you.

  KRONOS the First 03 Jul 12

[This one ]1

  KRONOS the First 03 Jul 12

Picture is far to small mate, I even copied to my account and resized it and still cannot see enough detail. What camera did you use?


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