How to direct customer to specific URL's using a Promotional codes form

  Tanya1066 12:07 29 Apr 14

Hi, hope someone can help as I have limited programming language experience! I want to add a section on my website where a guest can type in a promotional code, click submit and this then automatically redirects them to another web page specific to the code entered. Is this possible? If so how do I do this. Thanks.

  Forum Editor 07:35 05 May 14

Redirecting people to a different web page is a simple process. You can do it with a script that runs on the server, and there are many examples of ready-made scripts available. Redirecting different people to specific urls based on a code number that's entered on a web page is not so easy for a beginner however.

You'll need to tell the script to look at a database of codes, and refer the user to the correct page for the code used. How many different codes/pages are we talking about here?

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