How to delte items from winlogon

  ACOLYTE 16:42 15 Oct 08

I had a vundu varient trojan,and although i have removed the .dll file it installed,i still have an entry in Winlogon(current system)that shows in spybot,my attemps to remove wth spy bot seem to work but when i open spybot again the entry is back,so i was wondering if i could remove it manually?

  ambra4 16:53 15 Oct 08

Download, update and scan

click here

  ACOLYTE 17:06 15 Oct 08

I have already scanned and removed the trojan,i just need to know how to remove the entry from winlogon.

  Rahere 17:10 15 Oct 08

Run the program suggested above in safe mode
Boot and press f8 (I have to press it twice) to enter safe mode.

  Joe R 17:18 15 Oct 08


start-run-type "msconfig" (without the hyphens)

choose startup, and untick the entry.

  baldydave 17:38 15 Oct 08

Try this
click here
click here
if using the 2nd option (much more informative)download/extract and use
autoruns NOT autorunsc,untick entries you want to remove then file tab /exit

  ACOLYTE 11:26 16 Oct 08

Thx guys,the file didnt not show in msconfig,but i tried autoruns and found it,when i try to remove it says: error deleting start settings The system cannot find the specified file,i know this because i deleted all the files regading this trojan just cant shift this entry lol.

I guess if the files are not there then the entry will do no harm?
so i could leave it?.

  brundle 11:30 16 Oct 08

Run RegDelNull from the same people;
click here

It may not be the technique that was used to protect it, sometimes nasties set permissions you can't override from within the infected system. Worth a try though.

  ACOLYTE 11:45 16 Oct 08

Thanks,i tried RegDelNull,but im not sure how it works,when i open it all it does is close straight away nothing else i can do with it after that.
Im pretty sure that all the files are gone that need to be gone,so ill leave this entry and see what happens.

Thx all.

  brundle 11:50 16 Oct 08

You need to supply the registry key to delete.

regdellnul HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\ < problem key >

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