How to delete things?

  bumpkin 20:02 PM 17 Sep 11

Hi, I want to get rid of stuff that I dont want but I cant get rid of it, cant delete it. I refer to "uniblue registry booster" and "betfair casino" Can anyone help please

  northumbria61 20:12 PM 17 Sep 11
  northumbria61 20:15 PM 17 Sep 11

For Betfair Casino - you should be able to Go to the control panel, click Add or Remove Programs and locate Betfair Casino. Click Change/Remove and start the uninstaller. This will remove the Casino application from your computer and delete all customer data.

  bumpkin 21:13 PM 17 Sep 11

northumbria61 I welcome your suggestion but I have tried everything I can think of otherwise I would not have posted this.

  northumbria61 21:23 PM 17 Sep 11

Download and Run Revo Uninstaller from here enter link description here

  SB23 21:29 PM 17 Sep 11

Have you tried Unlocker. I've used it in the past to delete stubborn programs, and it works a treat.

Best thing is that its free!

  Squirrel1 21:32 PM 17 Sep 11

Another application you can try, is, 'Total Unistall'. You can download a fully operational trial which will be good enough to get rid of all un-wanted applictions on your PC...

This can be found by clicking on the link below.


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