how to delete .ocx

  headdeball 22:06 09 May 08

Hi all
I have a file on my computer which is 545mb and contains only a file which is flash9b.ocx.Now ,I remember deleting some win200 installation a long time ago and renaming this file 'rubbish'.It won't allow me to delete it.It says the file is in use by windows.I installed macromedia flash after this rubbish was created .How do I get rid of it?

  Devil Fish 22:12 09 May 08

found below solution on the net can offer no guarentees it will work but may be worth a try

In Safe Mode, right click on the file and select "Cut". Answer "Yes" in the dialog that asks if you really want to "cut" this write-protected file (or something like that...). Paste the file in a temporary folder ("C:\Temp" for example). Now, right click on the file and select "Properties". Remove the "Read only" attribute and click "OK". Now, delete the file!

  wis 22:19 09 May 08

may be un locker

  headdeball 20:49 10 May 08

Thank you devilfish.This worked a treat

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