How to delete duplicate entries in Outlook Express contacts?

  stlucia2 08:07 11 Jun 12

Posted this yesterday, but I can't find it.

I've synced my Android phone's address book with the contacts in Outlook Express using HTC Sync. After doing that I've got loads of duplicate entries with the same contact name -- it's seemingly treated them as separate entries if, for instance, I've added a mobile number to the name on my phone.

Is there any software that can simply combine all entries that have the same contact name, please? My thought is to correct the version on my PC, then delete the phone's address book completely, and then transfer the corrected Outlook Express contacts to the phone.

  Taff™ 08:17 11 Jun 12

Very frustrating and I've been there too. Your suggested method is what I had to do which was a right pain in the proverbial.

Subsequently I set up another address book in Outlook and regularly, before syncing again, delete the entries in the backup and copy the master addresses to it. That ensures that if it happens again I can reverse the process.

I have a Samsung and what I had missed in the syncing program was a simple setting that gave me the option to "Sync as Outlok Data" (or Phone data or notify conflicts) and more imortantly not to allow duplicates.

  stlucia2 10:44 11 Jun 12

OK, that's one way to guard against it happening again.

Since posting, I've found that my phone is cleverer than I thought: Whenever its got a duplicated name, it gives me a "Link" option which allows me to combine the two (or more) same-name records. The only issue I can see is it then gives me duplicated telephone numbers within the record, but at least it only shows as one record in my listing. Must be using more memory though, so it would be nice to reduce it down to one record per name.

I've also noticed that there's different records duplicated in Outlook Express -- four duplicates in one case -- than in my phone. Curious.

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