How to create a similar website to this.

  Robm86 25 Aug 12

Im looking to start a Fifa website for the xbox and there are a couple out there already i was just wondering how i would go about making 1?

I would need the website to have a full league table and it to update fully automatically when teams submit results. I would also need goals scored and assists, red cards etc all to update on members profiles when they submit results of the games.

I would also need to have a system where players are offered contracts to accept of decline to play for a team and could only get out of the contract if the main person of the team (captain) lets them go.

Here are similar websites

I assume this can only be created by code and not a basic website buidling software?

Thanks for any help in advance.

  LastChip 26 Aug 12

In all probability, those sites use a substantial amount of php and a database back-end. They clearly also have some javascript in the mix as well.

My understanding is, Dreamweaver can write php sites, but just how good it is, and indeed, how much knowledge you need to use it, I've no idea as I don't use it.

You'd also need a web server with php and mysql (which could be on your local machine) to test it.

So to reiterate, my suspicion is, you'd need a knowledge of:




mysql database construction

Not for the faint hearted and if you've never tried designing a website before, or have at least intermediate knowledge of the above, with lots of respect, I suspect you'd be in well and truly over your head. However, if you can tick all the above boxes, go ahead and try and let us all know how you get on.


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