how to convert from ntfs to fat32

  stephen0205 23:16 04 Jul 07

hi guys i have a winxp pc and it has ntfs and i bought an external hard drive and would like to format it into fat32 so it will work with my xbox 360, i tried to use partition magic but it just fails and says bad on that drive, what should i do.

  IntoPCs 23:18 04 Jul 07

Try right clicking the external drive in My Computer and select format - you should then see various options for file system

  stephen0205 23:25 04 Jul 07

i click it and nothing happens, when i click my main wwin xp drive it says cannot perform this task and when i do it to my external drive it does nothing.

  stephen0205 23:49 04 Jul 07

i get this error

click here

  Hawy 00:45 05 Jul 07

Converting a partition from FAT32 to NTFS can be done by an inbuilt utility in the Windows XP operating system — but it is important to realise that it is a one-way process. You cannot convert back, except possibly by use of Partition Magic 7.01, and that is not always successful. Windows XP has no tool for converting from NTFS to FAT32.

click here

  brundle 01:06 05 Jul 07

Do a disk/partition check on that drive/partition - the error message states BADMBR - was the drive previously in use as your boot/system drive?

  LAP 08:48 05 Jul 07

Noted thanks.

  stephen0205 10:26 05 Jul 07

ok guys ill try these ideas and let u know

  stephen0205 19:27 08 Jul 07

got it working, it formatted it in ntfs and then into fat 32 using the windows utility. thanks for the help lol

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