How to connect a SATA HDD into an IDE only external enclosure?

  Happy37 03 Jan 13

Hello everyone,

Good afternoon.

As per my thread title above, I am looking to install a new SATA hard drive into an external HDD USB2 caddy/enclosure.

The issue is that the caddy is IDE only as I have had this one for years but have not used it.

How do I connect the SATA hard drive into the IDE enclosure? The enclosure has got an 4 pin Molex power connector and the flat 40/80 pin IDE PATA cable for the data.

Will the adapter below work or do the job?

All ideas and suggestions in getting this to work gratefully received.



  Chronos the 2nd 03 Jan 13

No that cable is no good and there is not really anything you can use and have it fit in the caddy. There are Sata/IDE caddies which would be an option, but your IDE caddy is just that I am afraid.

  Happy37 03 Jan 13

Thanks Chronos the 2nd for your reply.

The IDE enclosure in question is one of these:-

I think that if the adapter cable option would not work at all, then it might just be better to get a brand new external SATA USB2 enclosure such as this one below?

The new SATA drive that I am looking to get is this one:-

Is this drive any good?

Thanks again.



  Chronos the 2nd 03 Jan 13

Taken from your link to the caddy. Can I draw your attention to the words in the brackets. So this is no use with your Sata HDD.

Navigator USB2 3.5" IDE Hard Drive Enclosure USB 2.0 External HDD Caddy (NOT compatible with SATA HDD)

This is what you need.

And your choice of hard-drive is fine.

  Happy37 03 Jan 13

Many thanks again Chronos the 2nd.

I will now go ahead and purchase the new caddy you've suggested as well as the hard drive.

Your help and advice is much appreciated.



  bumpkin 03 Jan 13

Had the same thing, it is possible with adapters which aren't dear but not worth the time and trouble when a new caddy is less than a tenner.


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