How to connect pc to laptop!!

  CutNpaste 14:59 24 Oct 05

Hi every one,
this maybe a repeat post - but i am a new owner of a laptop.
I wanted to know how i can connect my laptop to my pc so that i can share my files. Iam aware of the wireless connecion on my laptop but is there a way to connect my lan from the laptop to the pc so that i can transfer a file from the pc to the laptop.

  retep888 15:30 24 Oct 05

How do you connect to the internet?

The quickest and cheapest way is buying a crossover cable, plug both ends into the LAN port of the pc & laptop, create a ICS( Lots of info about how to set it up in this forum) and start file sharing.

  CutNpaste 17:05 24 Oct 05

send me a link for the ISC thing please.

  retep888 17:33 24 Oct 05
  CutNpaste 18:56 24 Oct 05

thanks retep888,
i found a very good tutorial. i set up my main computer to share the connection and went through the tutorials for the client computer (my laptop) and i restarted the laptop but i still cantget a connection.
plz help

  retep888 19:04 24 Oct 05

Configure the firewall on your main Pc to let the client pc to share.

  CutNpaste 19:34 24 Oct 05

wot name would the client pc be under

  retep888 19:38 24 Oct 05

What firewall do you have on both of them?

  CutNpaste 19:48 24 Oct 05

zone alarm on both

  retep888 20:40 24 Oct 05

Be prepared for it that the free verson zonealarm may not 100% support ICS,but I did succeed in doing so.

OK, let's have a go:

On the main PC, open up zonealarm's main page by clicking the icon on the task bar then click firewall > main > lower the internet zone security from high to medium > click zone > add > ip range > at the popped up add ip range box, type in the top ip address row, then in the bottom ip address row, name of your workgroup(mshome?)in the description box > ok > apply

Repeat the same thing on the client pc,fingers crossed, you're thru',if not post back and we'll try another way.

  CutNpaste 21:10 24 Oct 05

still no hope!!
i was wondering my laptops LAN satus address type says 'Assigned by DHCP' and on the main computer it says 'Manually configured'.
Shall i also change any settings on the internet options of explorer.
thanks for ya help

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