How to connect my laptop to tv

  Hylander100 10 Jan 13

I want to connect my laptop to my Led TV. I have tried already using VGA to RCA cable however I get "resolution not supported" appearing on the TV. What can I do to over come this ?

Some Info: Laptop Toshiba Satellite C650, only have VGA and USB ports. Would really prefer if I can connect them together using this VGA to RCA cable.

  onthelimit1 10 Jan 13

Have you tried reducing the resolution in Display on the laptop? You will also need an audio cable to connect from the headphone socket to the TV.

  Hylander100 10 Jan 13

Yes I have already tried that.

Thank you.

  john bunyan 10 Jan 13

Does the laptop have HDMI -and the TV.If so it should be ideal. I use a HDMI with a Toshiba satellite and it works fine.Also see here:


  Hylander100 12 Jan 13

I have already stated that my Laptop only have VGA and USB ports.

So HDMI cable will not work.

  lotvic 13 Jan 13

Which resolution did you change? Was it for the external Display (2nd monitor) and does the vga port support component RCA

Presuming XP then rightclick on Desktop |Properties | settings and click on the Advanced button | Click on the tab designated for your computer’s graphics card. Look at options available in the display settings. See what you can change the VGA output to and try different settings.

  Hylander100 13 Jan 13

Thank you but not help full.

My laptop is Toshiba Satellite C650, Windows 7,

So again when I connect them together I get " Mode not supported : Change resolution on external device:

I have done this , I have tried all different display modes however no success.

  lotvic 13 Jan 13

Hylander100, the scanty information you are supplying is not helpful to us.

What are the display options on your laptop for the vga port?

What does the tv manual say about using the rca ports for use as a pc monitor?

  lotvic 13 Jan 13

Posted by lotvic

It would seem you need to buy an adaptor to convert your vga to rca

"Toshiba laptop computers can connect to an external monitor for viewing on a larger screen by hooking up a VGA (video graphics array) cable from the port on the computer to the monitor. Connecting a Toshiba to a TV with RGB (red, green blue) component video jacks requires an adaptor available from electronics and computer stores. The adaptor unites the two different types of video cables and converts the VGA signal into a digital RGB signal that can be processed on the TV."

Here is an example of the adaptor available on price £13.99 with free delivery


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