How to completely remove Mcafee in order to install AVG

  menopaws1947 03 Jul 11

Hi, Help please, am trying to remove mcafee and install AVG> Have removed Mcafee but apparently not all of it. Tried to use their removal tool but is still refusing to install AVG. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 03 Jul 11 have a good read of how to run the removal tool correctly especially if you have Vista or W7

  buteman 03 Jul 11

use the download now text

  wiz-king 03 Jul 11

If you tried to remove it before using their removal tool you may have to er-install it, then use the tool.

  menopaws1947 03 Jul 11

HI Thanks for replies, I have been trying for a couple of hours, went into that first link but is neighbours comp and when I installed McAfee for him don't remember log in info so can't use that. Tried the ARO but wouldn't repair all the errors without purchasing. Third one, cannot reinstall, used a download so don't have disc, so wants credit card number even for free trial.


  rdave13 03 Jul 11

Try running the removal tool in safe mode.

  onthelimit1 03 Jul 11

Why install AVG? I'd go for MSE.

  menopaws1947 03 Jul 11

Ahh Safe mode, thanks will try that one. Have just gone into Restore point for a fresh start.

I have used AVG for 8 years and suppose better the devil you know, but never heard of MSE will look it up ty

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 03 Jul 11

MSE Microsoft Security Essentials with Vistas own firewall is a good enough security, back it up with Malwarebytes free scanner and SpywareBlaster and you are well covered.

Weekly scan to with MalwareBytes to double check MSE hasn't let anything through.

Personally I use AVAST as it uses a small profile.


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