How to choose a hosting package

  johnincrete 08:52 10 Jan 14

Can anyone tell me what the following terms mean and what influence they have on updating web sites and their subsequent use. I am anticipating a site of 6 pages, mostly text, one page of students' work (jpgs of scanned docs)and one page a picture gallery both updated about once a month.

Web Space: Serif offer 250MB, 2GB or 10GB Monthly Bandwidth: 2GB, 250Gb or 50GB Mailbox space allowance: 100Mb or 400Mb

  Forum Editor 22:28 14 Jan 14

Your web site is unlikely to occupy anything like 250Mb, so that is plenty.

Bandwidth requirements depend on site traffic, and for your purposes (outlined in your other thread) 2GB a month is likely to be more than enough. You'll be able to upgrade later on if you need more.

The mailbox limit depends on how much email traffic there will be - emails are tiny in terms of file size, it takes an awful lot to fill a 100Mb.

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