How to check "who is online" on windows 2003 Serve

  akhan 06:29 30 Jun 08

Hi All,

I need is there any command available in Windows 2003 Server that I can check who is connected on SERVER ?

Or you can say who is online right now ?

If I want to disconnect any user, what is the command ?

In Windows NT4 there was a "SEND" command to send the messages to the users, is there any command in 2003 ?

Is there any command or utility that I can shutdown 2003 Server on a specific time on daily basis ?

  Technotiger 07:51 30 Jun 08

Windows 2003 Server is an OS, I think you probably mean something like Windows Messenger or similar.

  akhan 08:46 30 Jun 08

I never mentioned that I need facility just like Windows Messenger.

In Windows NT4 there was a command "Send Message" with user name then we can able to send message to any particular user.

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