How to chapter VOB films.

  curlylad 20:13 04 Jan 06

A friend has a serious of 3 - 10 minute films he has made and recorded onto his PC. He has told me that he has changed them from AVI to VOB format so they can be viewed on an ordinary household DVD player.He now wishes to put all the films onto one DVD and put 'chapters' into each individual film so they can be fast forwarded to anywhere on the film.He does not know how to do this and neither do I so can anyone help please ? Will he need to get some software to do this , is there a free program that can do this ?

All help greatly appreciated as ever !

  LivEviL 20:31 04 Jan 06

erm if u still have the avi files if u have nero u can do it using that! easy as pie! just got to create a dvd and add all the .avi files!

  De Marcus™ 20:46 04 Jan 06

What does he use to burn to dvd?

  curlylad 20:49 04 Jan 06

He uses nero to burn to DVD , but will this put chapters into each individual film ?

  De Marcus™ 20:57 04 Jan 06

If their nero comes with vision express then yes.

  De Marcus™ 20:57 04 Jan 06



  curlylad 21:02 04 Jan 06

Not sure which version of Nero he has but will ask tomorrow , until then thanks so far for the help !

  curlylad 22:26 05 Jan 06

He has told me he has an OEM version of Nero that does not include Nero Vision Express.

Does anybody know a free program that can do this ?

  esbe 23:45 05 Jan 06

Have a look here click here


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