How To Change Your IP?

  Ken Ju-On 22:51 17 Aug 03

Does anyone know how to change their IP without using a proxy server?

I'm using NTL cable broadband. I hear that every time I disconnect and reconnect, the ISP should give me a new IP address, but I always get the same address whenever I reconnect.

I need to change my IP cos I've been the target of hackers attacks and the sort. Going on IRC can make you a hacker-target...

Any ideas on how to change your IP?

  User-312386 22:55 17 Aug 03

your IP address will be changed by your ISP on BB about once a week

No you cant change it, your ISP does that for you

  Ken Ju-On 22:58 17 Aug 03

I've had NTL broadband for 7 months now and I've always noticed I have the same IP whenever I join! Now that may be unbelievable for you all but I'm pretty sure of it. :(

  DieSse 00:59 18 Aug 03

Basically you can't. You eother have a static (unchanging for all time) IP or a dynamic (allocated by your ISP at each log-on) IP.

IPs are not yours to allocate, they belong to the ISP and are assigned to you.

A good firewall and AV program should be enough to keep you safe from hackers.

Anyway - what makes you think you are subject to hacking attacks - most incoming traffic will be from your ISP and similar legitimate sources.

  DieSse 01:01 18 Aug 03

I've got a static IP - it's been fixed for nearly two years now (that's the type of account I have) - no discerbable hacking ever.

  Ken Ju-On 02:13 18 Aug 03

Hacking, amongst other things I wish to avoid. Like IRC hackers. And when a good hacker breaks in it's rare that you'll notice...

  Jester2K II 08:29 18 Aug 03

Ken Ju-On - get Anti Virus, get a firewall, stop worrying...

AV -click here
Sygate Firewall click here

  kortical Implant 08:37 18 Aug 03

hackers are NOT interested in personal computers, most of the time the alert your firewall gives are NOT hackers but merely you isp or other internet server just pinging your machine to send/recieve data and/or to check you are on line,

So by all means get AVG (a must) and Zone alarm

but dont get to worried about these so called 'hackers' attempts

  Andsome 08:57 18 Aug 03

This cannot be true. I don't worry about hackers as I trust my Norton firewall. However, when I get a hacking attempt I usually trace it's origin out of curiosity. Most of the attempts come for Italy, Australia and California, with some from other parts of the USA. I don't think that NTL are hacking me from these places.

  Jester2K II 08:59 18 Aug 03

kortical Implant - said your ISP or OTHER INTERNET SERVERS...

99.99999999% of "Hacking Attempts" are nothing of the sort. Just over zealous software.

  wern 21:40 23 Aug 03

i've got broadband, any way to make it a bid faster by tweaking my pc.

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