How to change primary google email address on google

  Gunnercharlie 01 Mar 13

I have installed google talk on my work computors. Our work email on our pc's have another email provider. When I registered as a google email, the system was hijacked by google and the settings are now using myself @ google as the primary address. Basically, I wish to reinstate my boss as primary address as I am now showing as primary email. It's very complicated and I can't work it out. I'd appreciate any help? Thanks, Charlie

  rdave13 01 Mar 13

Checked in control panel then default programs?

  lotvic 02 Mar 13

Not sure I understand properly your problem, but doesn't each person have to sign in on their pc and then add friends to chat to on the instant messaging google talk?

what happens if you sign out of google talk and your boss signs in with his google email or username?

Also: is it installed for 'All Users' on the pcs? - or does each pc only have one user account?

Can you explain in more detail what you mean by: "the system was hijacked by google and the settings are now using myself @ google as the primary address"

What settings are these? and in what way has google 'hijacked' the system? What does the system consist of?

If you could tell us how it was before and want again for the email, (email client used etc) it would help as we can't guess...

  lotvic 02 Mar 13

Not sure what happened there, the first 3 little paragraphs weren't meant to post - they were just my befuddled musings that I thought I'd deleted - oh well never mind at least they do relate to this thread even tho' not the email problem.


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