How to change my processor?

  GeeKay+Dee 17:00 18 Apr 07


I've had a look around on the net looking for an easy to understand guide on how to change my processor. I've an old computer which has an Athlon XP1700 installed compared to my current PC which has an XP1200.

My current PC also has a bigger hard drive and a DVD writer installed compared to the old one, hence my option to change the processor.

What I was looking for is some advice . Is it easy to do or would I be easier getting it done elsewhere? Also, would there be any unforseen costs in swapping them over?

Thanks for any help!

  ICF 19:08 18 Apr 07
  Ex plorer 10:43 19 Apr 07

Hi so you want to swap the processors? What kind of motherboards are they, you should be able to make the up-grade with care, which site is it you are refering to for your help.

  keef66 11:14 24 Apr 07

If they are both socket A processors / mobos you should be OK. (can you tell us what the 2 mobos are?) It's possible you might need to flash the bios on your current mobo to use the faster cpu.

Two important points:

Get some thermal paste for application between the processor and heatsink

Make sure you have a flat bladed screwdriver which is a very good fit in the heatsink retaining clip; it requires quite a bit of force, and if it slips out, you can easily take a fatal chunk out of the mobo

  Probabilitydrive 12:27 24 Apr 07

Replacing the CPU is a pretty straightforward affair, provided you are well prepared and have all the bits and pieces you need. click here
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  Incony 01:22 25 Apr 07

Having just taken the intel x6800 cpu out of my motherboard and replaced it, having never touched a cpu before, i can tell you that holding six hundred pounds worth of chip in two fingers for the first time, is awesome and scary...:)

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