How can I stop pop-up ads on my google homepage

  bizzybee99 22:14 PM 04 Jul 13

Please can anyone help me get rid of annoying pop-up ads that appear on my google homepage - the same ads seem to 'follow' me around as they also appear on facebook, youtube etc.

  northumbria61 22:57 PM 04 Jul 13

Download and Install Adblock Plus

  Secret-Squirrel 09:39 AM 05 Jul 13

"......... pop-up ads............the same ads seem to 'follow' me around as they also appear on facebook, youtube etc."

From what you've said so far it looks like it could be an "adware" infection.

Download, install, update and run a "Quick Scan" with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free edition - you can get it from here. During the installation process, make sure you untick the option to install the trial of the Pro version.

  bizzybee99 20:32 PM 07 Jul 13

Thank you all for your replies - I downloaded the malware programme and it seems to have sorted my problem - thanks for your help

  Eenvincible 04:35 AM 23 Jul 13

I woke up one morning with the same problem and here is how I finally solved it recently:

How To Remove Ads From Google Homepage

I hope this helps.


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