how can I set timed access to some internet sites?

  Wally_B 00:58 26 Oct 06

I want to restrict MSN, Bebo etc to an hour a day for my daughter but allow unrestricted access to other internet sites for homework, etc.
I have looked at a few commercial products but they want allowed sites specified - too much!
I'm not sure where else to look for something that is as simple as I think I need.
Pointers will be very greatfully received.

  Simsy 06:11 26 Oct 06

this from work, so I can't check, but I'm pretty sure that if I wanted to I could do this at home from within my router. (It's a Linksys; can't remember the model number!)

How do you connect? If it's via a router then maybe you have a similar feature internally.

Good luck,



  Wally_B 08:58 26 Oct 06

Thanks Simsy. I use Linksys as well but it's WiFi and I think the IP addresses change dependent on the sequence we all log in.
I've never looked into the setup possibilities before but I can't see how I could only restrict my daughters access and still allow my wife and I full access. It also only seems to restrict/allow access at certain times rather than, as I want, a specific amount of time within a 24 hr period.


  Technotiger 09:15 26 Oct 06

Hi, This may not be exactly what you want, but have a look at Tools>Internet Options>Content in Internet Explorer.


  Simsy 09:16 26 Oct 06

It may not be possible... it's just something I remember seeing while I was looking round the kit when I first got it.

I'll report back if there's any good news!



  Simsy 07:47 27 Oct 06

and you're right; It can be set for certain times of the day, rather than periods of time.

GOod luck with your searching!



  g0slp 08:17 27 Oct 06

This for my future reference.

Also sounds like info many of us might want! I'll do some digging too.

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