How can I save a read-only file?

  Duncanf 23 Mar 13

I was working on a large Word document when it suddenly froze and closed leaving me with a read-only document which I can't seem to save. I need to retain this there a way to get it back or save it?

  lotvic 23 Mar 13

Do you mean Word froze and closed? or the pc froze and closed?

If doc is read-only .... is it still open in Word?

suggestions to try:

or is it a read-only .doc in 'My Documents' ? (try rightclick | Properties and clear the 'read only' setting) or (rightclick | copy, and then paste, then change the 'read only' properties in the copy of file)

Did you close Word down, are there any messages on screen,

Have you reopened Word - Autorecovery should kick in and get last saved copy back and open it.

  Duncanf 23 Mar 13

Thank you lotvic for your suggestions. Sorry I wasn't more specific in my details. It was Word that had frozen and 'not responding' and I was scared to close Windows incase I had lost the pages. As my post was late, I didn't see your message till morning and I had already tried to cut/paste on my own. That has worked and, as you suggested, Auto recovery has saved the original in its previous saved state. Very many thanks for reply as I now have a few options if it happens again!


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